Small Business Procurements

Currently, there are no open small business procurements.

For specific information on doing business with DOE, including obtaining specific information regarding public announcements on initiated acquisitions, registering to receive a solicitation and submit proposals for specific transactions, and obtaining information and guidance on DOE's acquisition and financial assistance award processes, you are encouraged to visit:

a. FedConnect

SRS Small Business Program Managers

Department of Energy-Savannah River: Parodio Maith (803)952-9487
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions: Cheryl Hartfield (803)952-7121
Savannah River Remediation: Elizabeth Wooten (803)952-7305
CENTERRA Liz Harris (803)952-7630

Small Business Offices

Department of Energy Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Savannah River Remediation Business Opportunities

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