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For Immediate Release March 25, 2003
Media Contact: Jim Giusti   (803) 725-2889


Department of Energy Names Jeffrey M. Allison As Manager of Savannah River Operations Office

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Washington, D.C. -- The Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the appointment of Jeffrey M. Allison to the position of Manager of the Savannah River Operations Office in Aiken, S.C.

Mr. Allison will be responsible for the overall leadership, direction, contract management, and oversight of all contractor and Federal activities associated with the Environmental Management (EM) risk reduction and clean-up mission performed at the Savannah River Site (SRS). Mr. Allison previously directed and oversaw operations of the high-level waste system at the Savannah River Operations Office, including the Defense Waste Processing Facility, H and F Tank Farms, the Effluent Treatment Facility, Saltstone, and other components of the high-level waste system.

Allison will manage approximately 400 Federal technical and administrative staff and an average annual budget of $1.5 billion. He will also have oversight of the prime contractor, which includes approximately 13,000 contractor personnel.

"Jeff's experience and familiarity of DOE nuclear facilities, including chemical processing facilities, waste management facilities, and laboratories make him ideally suited to lead the department's Savannah River Operations Office," Assistant Secretary of Environmental Management Jessie Roberson said.

Allison is a career member of the Senior Executive Service with over 19 years of experience in engineering, safety, health, and process development. Mr. Allison has private sector experience with Westinghouse Hanford Company in a range of engineering assignments, including process simulation, process design/development, systems engineering, design engineering and hazardous waste disposal. He also led the Savannah River Site in achieving significant cost-saving accomplishments, including the privatization of the D-Area Powerhouse, implementation of commercial business practices in all non-nuclear infrastructure facilities, and increased utilization of fixed-price contracting for design, engineering and construction activities.

Mr. Allison holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University.




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