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For Immediate Release August 19, 2002
Media Contact: Julie Petersen   (803) 725-2889


DOE Announces Record Of Decision On SRS High-Level Waste Tank Closure

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AIKEN, SC -- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it has selected the Stabilize Tanks and Fill with Grout preferred alternative for additional closures of high-level waste tanks at the Savannah River Site (SRS). The Department's decision is outlined in a Record of Decision (ROD) published in today's Federal Register.

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) analyzed and evaluated the potential environmental impacts of three alternatives for additional closures of high-level waste tanks at SRS: (1) Stabilize Tanks; (2) Clean and Remove Tanks; and (3) No Action. Under the Stabilize Tanks alternative, DOE considered three options for Tank Stabilization: Fill with Grout (preferred alternative); Fill with Sand; or Fill with Saltstone.

Using the Stabilize Tanks and Fill with Grout technology, DOE proposes to close 49 high-level waste tanks and associated waste handling equipment, including evaporators, pumps, diversion boxes, and transfer lines to ensure protection of human health and the environment.

The Site's Tank 20 and Tank 17 were certified closed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control in 1997, the first closures of its kind in the DOE Complex.

The Savannah River Site High-Level Waste Tank Closure EIS (DOE/EIS-0303) and the Record of Decision are available in the information repositories listed below or by calling (800) 881-7292:




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