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For Immediate Release January 31, 2003
Media Contact: Bill Taylor   (803) 725-2889


Helicopters to Conduct Equipment Tests Over Savannah River Site During February

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U.S. Government helicopters will be visible over the Savannah River Site February 3 - 14. The helicopters, UH-60 "Blackhawks," will be testing radiological monitoring equipment for use by various federal agencies.

The tests will be conducted by placing radiological source materials in selected area throughout the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site (SRS). SRS offers almost 300 square miles of remote area for the tests. The helicopters will attempt to locate the radiological source materials with the monitoring equipment.

The helicopters are expected to fly at various altitudes during the tests. All tests will be conducted during daylight hours. These flights have been coordinated with SRS security and safety officials and with the appropriate local authorities.




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