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For Immediate Release September 10, 1999
Media Contact: Jim Giusti   (803) 725-2889

DOE Initiates Investigation Into FB Line Worker Contamination

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Aiken, SC - The Department of Energy's Savannah River Operations Office has initiated action to establish a Type-B Investigation Board as a result of a preliminary dose estimate for the one of the seven SRS workers contaminated in routine operations in FB Line on September 1, 1999. The preliminary dose estimate exceed established federal exposure limits and exceeds limits established by DOE orders for the activation of the Department's formal investigation into the worker contamination incident.

Early next week, the Department will formalize the membership of the Board. A Type-B investigation is the second highest formal investigation within the Department. This investigation will be independent of the ongoing Westinghouse Savannah River Company investigation into the cause of the worker contamination.




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