DOE-SR News Release Archive

Old Oysters Put to New Use at SRS for Cleanup Innovation
SR-2017-08Adobe Acrobat PDF
Education Outreach Programs, Job Pipeline to Future Service at SRS
SR-2017-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Awards Contract for Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services
SR-2017-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Top Management Meets in Barnwell County
SR-2017-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Completes Construction of New Saltstone Disposal Unit
SR-2017-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Melter 2 Leaves Defense Waste Processing Facility After 14 Years in Operation
SR-2017-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
Senior Officials from Aiken County Public Schools Explore SRS during Special Site Tour
SR-2017-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Federal Employees Exceed Fundraising Goal for Combined Federal Campaign
SR-2017-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
2015 Environmental Report States SRS Environmentally Safe
SR-2016-09-30(2)Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Begins Down-Blend Operations for 6 MT of Plutonium
SR-2016-09-30(1)Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE-SR Exercises Option on Management and Operating Contract
SR-2016-08-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Releases Final Request for Proposal for Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services
SR-2016-06-30Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Holds Ribbon Cutting for New Salt Waste Processing Facility
SR-2016-06-21Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Declares Construction of Salt Waste Processing Facility Complete
SR-2016-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Releases Draft Request for Proposal and Announces Pre-Solicitation Conference for Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services
SR-2016-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Breaks Ground for New Heating Plant at Biomass Cogeneration Facility
SR-2015-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Energy Department Adds Two Years to Liquid Waste Management Contract at Savannah River Site
SR-2015-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Partial Agreement Reached On Savannah River Site Tank Closure Milestone Dispute
SR-2015-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
US Department of Energy, Savannah River Operations Office Names New Deputy Manager
SR-2014-06-11Adobe Acrobat PDF  Terry Spears
Savannah River Site's Dennis Yates Selected as DOE Facility Representative of the Year for 2013
SR-2014-06Adobe Acrobat PDF  Dennis Yates
SR-2013-08Adobe Acrobat PDF
SR-2013-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
Public Comment Sought for Savannah River Site Workforce Restructuring Plan
SR-2013-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board Seeking New Members
SR-2013-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
Salt Waste Processing Facility: New Leadership
SR-2013-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Exceeds Waste Shipment Goals
SR-2013-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Operations Office Honors Federal Manager of the Year
SR-2013-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Advisory Board to Hold Augusta Public Meeting March 25-26
SR-2013-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Reaches Significant Milestone with Waste Tank Closure
SR-2012-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE to Extend Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Contract at Savannah River Site to September 2016
SR-2012-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Federal Employees Volunteer for United Way Campaign
SR-2012-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Installation of Six Large Process Tanks Mark Big Step in Construction of Critical Waste Cleanup Facility at SRS
SR-2012-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
Grouting Begins on First SRS Waste Tanks Since 1997
SR-2012-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Marks Successful Operational Startup of New Biomass Cogeneration Facility
SR-2012-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Funds Test Reactor Dome Removal in Historic D&D Project
SR-2011-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Makes Progress on Recovery Act-funded Cleanup
SR-2011-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act’s HWCTR Project Empty of Equipment, Ready for Grouting
SR-2011-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Recovery Act Program Reaches $1 Billion Mark
SR-2011-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE, SRR Sign 'Partnering' Agreement
SR-2011-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
Low-level Waste Safely Dispositioned Under Runoff Cover at SRS
SR-2011-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Begins Box Remediation Operations at F Canyon
SR-2011-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
Two Savannah River Site Projects Gain National Recognition
SR-2011-08Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Seals Access to P and R Reactors, Marking End to Nearly 60-Years of History
SR-2011-09Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE’s Excess Property Donation Protects Lives, Property and the Environment
SR-2011-10Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Environmental Bioassay Laboratory Support Aids Japan
SR-2011-11Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS P Area Remediation Project Nears Completion
SR-2011-12Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Commemorates P & R Reactor Area Completions
SR-2011-13Adobe Acrobat PDF
100th Recovery Act TRU Shipment Leaves SRS For Permanent Disposition
SR-2010-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Funding Accelerates Tank Closure at SRS 
SR-2010-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Tank 5 Moves to Closure
SR-2010-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRNS Schedules Series for Small Business Interested in Recovery Act Contracts
SR-2010-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Big Top Tent Keeps TRU Waste Trucks, Tanks  Dry before Inspection and Shipping
SR-2010-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRNL Precision Model Aids Recovery Act Cleanup at SRS
SR-2010-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
Energy Department Improves Financial Management of Contractor Pension Costs
AnnouncementAdobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Moves Forward With Final Closure of Cold War Reactors
SR-2010-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Enables F-Canyon Drum Remediation to Restart
SR-2010-08Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Funds Move SRS Tank 5 Closer to Final Closure
SR-2010-09Adobe Acrobat PDF
TRU Waste Remediation Technician Finds Stability In Recovery Act Job
SR-2010-10Adobe Acrobat PDF
Half-century Old Reactor Gets Wired to Increase Worker Productivity, Safety
SR-2010-11Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Designs New Mixer to Process Salt Waste, Accelerate Clean Up
SR-2010-12Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Announces Intention to Offer State of Georgia Additional Environmental Monitoring Funds
SR-2010-13Adobe Acrobat PDF
Regional Businesses Benefit as Recovery Act Funding  Flows into the Economy at SRS
SR-2010-14Adobe Acrobat PDF
With ARRA Funds, P-Reactor Disassembly Basin Project Moves  One Step Closer to Final Decommissioning
SR-2010-15Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Funds Put Aiken Technical College  Rad Con Graduates to Work Early
SR-2010-16Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Hosts Public Education Forum on Use of  Performance Assessments
SR-2010-17Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Demolishes Massive Cooling Tower, Continues Progress on Environmental Footprint Reduction
SR-2010-18Adobe Acrobat PDF
Blowing Bubbles -- Using Recovery Act Funds, SRS Looks to Apply Novel Solutions to Unique Challenges
SR-2010-19Adobe Acrobat PDF
New Robot Supports SRS Waste Tank Closures
SR-2010-20Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE & NRC to Hold Public Meeting on SRS F Tank Farm Waste Determination Draft Basis Document
SR-2010-21Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Announces Modification of Supplemental Environmental Study on Plutonium Disposition
SR-2010-22Adobe Acrobat PDF
Use of Successful Decontamination Technology Expanded at SRS, Accelerates Cleanup
SR-2010-22AAdobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act Funding Improves Stormwater Drainage at the Largest Closed Seepage Basin on SRS
SR-2010-23Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Presents "Star of Excellence" Award to SRS Contractor
SR-2010-24Adobe Acrobat PDF
Tank 37 Salt Removal Marks Second Liquid Waste Project Completed Recovery Act Project at SRS
SR-2010-25Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Federal Employees Give To Area Food Bank
SR-2010-26Adobe Acrobat PDF
K Cooling Tower Project Reaches Completion
SR-2010-27Adobe Acrobat PDF
Tiny Bubbles Key to Speedier Radioactive Waste Processing
SR-2010-28Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Seeks Comment on Waste Determination for F-Tank Farm
Determination DocumentAdobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Marks Act Cleanup Milestone
SR-2010-29Adobe Acrobat PDF
Recovery Act to Fell Two War Era Reactor Stacks
SR-2010-30Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Recovery Act TRU Waste Project Ahead of Schedule With Box Remediation Program
SR-2010-31Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRNL Specially Invented Grout Aids SRS Reactor Closure
SR-2010-32Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Approves Full Construction Start Of Salt Waste Processing Facility At SRS
SR-09-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Hosts Regional Suppliers Outreach Event
SR-09-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Announces 50 New Employees Hired under the Recovery Act Report to Work at the Savannah River Site
SR-09-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Accelerates Transuranic Waste Shipment under Recovery Act
SR-09-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Sets Energy Savings Contract in Motion for New Renewable Energy Fuel Plant At SRS
SR-09-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE's H-Canyon Finishes Processing Old Reactor Components From Nevada Test Site
SR-09-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Makes Its 1,000th Transuranic Waste Shipment to WIPP
SR-09-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
North Augusta Man Starts Work at SRS Thanks to the Recovery Act
SR-09-08Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Set Dates For Recovery Act Project Town Hall Meetings and Job Fairs
SR-09-09Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE's SRNL and DWPF Honored by White House for Environmental Achievement
SR-09-10Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRNS Awards $500,000-Contracts to Medical Services for Pre-employment Exams
SR-09-11Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Authorizes New Contractor To Assume Liquid Waste Operations At SRS
SR-09-12Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Dates for Recovery Act Project Town Hall Meetings And Job Fairs Aiken, SC, July 7, 2009, and Augusta, GA, July 20, 2009
SR-09-13Adobe Acrobat PDF
Road Construction Contract Awarded to Local Company for Improved Access to SRS
SR-09-14Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Awards $3.4 million Contract to Ship Depleted Uranium Oxide Out of South Carolina
SR-09-15Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Workers Enter Pioneering Reactor for First Time in More Than a Decade
SR-09-16Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Hosts Public Workshop on Energy Part Concept at SRS
SR-09-17Adobe Acrobat PDF
1,000th Employee Hired Under the Recovery Act to Accelerate Cleanup at SRS
SR-09-18Adobe Acrobat PDF
Small Business Owners Learn More On Accessing Recovery Act Contract Opportunities
SR-09-19Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Remains on Environmental Cleanup Cutting Edge with Recovery Act Project
SR-09-20Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Leads DOE Complex in EPA's Superfund Job Training Initiative
SR-09-21Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE & HBCUs Partner To Advance Educational & Future Employment Opportunities For Minority Students In South Carolina and Northeast Georgia
SR-09-22Adobe Acrobat PDF
Brother's Company "Back in Black" Thanks to Recovery Act
SR-09-23Adobe Acrobat PDF
Final Shipment of Legacy PUREX Waste Leaves SRS
SR-09-24Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRR Starts $200 Million in Liquid Waste Work Under the Recovery Act at SRS
SR-09-25Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Technology a Success -- Five Billion Times
SR-09-26Adobe Acrobat PDF
Job Information & Other Training Opportunities Available Through Road to Recovery Tour
SR-09-27Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS to Bring More Local Small Business Opportunities Through a Recovery Act Small Business Forum
SR-09-28Adobe Acrobat PDF
Mixed Waste Shipment Enables Consolidation of N-Area Storage Facilities
SR-09-29Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE to Honor Nuclear Weapons Patriots of SRS at National Day of Remembrance Program
SR-09-30Adobe Acrobat PDF
Road to Recovery Tour Helps Local Yarn Plant Workers Start Job Search
SR-09-31Adobe Acrobat PDF
Carolina Fresh Farms Serves SRS Recovery Act Projects in Two Important Ways
SR-09-32Adobe Acrobat PDF
Getting the Lead Out of SRS
SR-09-33Adobe Acrobat PDF
Energy Secretary Chu & SC & GA Congressional Leadership Break Ground on New Renewable Energy Facility at SRS
SR-09-34Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Marks Key Cleanup and Closure Milestones at its Savannah River Site
SR-08-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Authorizes New Contractor To Begin Management and Operations of the Savannah River Site
SR-08-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE’s Fulfills Uranium Shipment Contract with TVA
SR-08-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Seeks Public Input on Scope of Environmental Review for the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
DOE Issues Draft Request for Proposal for SRS Liquid Waste Contract
DOE Requests Proposals for Management and Operating Contractor at Savannah River Site
Savannah River Site Employees Honored with President’s Volunteer Service Award
SRS Constructs New Clean Energy Efficient Steam Plant Under Energy Savings Performance Contract
DOE Honors Hepner as Federal Small Business Manger of the Year
DOE Authorizes Construction Start Of Salt Waste Processing Facility At SRS
DOE Holds Public Information Workshop on P-Reactor End State

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