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CSRA Team Wins this Year's DOE “Science Bowl”
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Oxidants Neutralize Waste Solvents in Savannah River Site Aquifer
SR-2019-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
Area Students to Design Cities of the Future, Protecting Against Natural Disasters During Regional Competition
SR-2019-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Facility Produces 30 Million Gallons of Decontaminated Mixture
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Tank Closure Project Goes Operational at Savannah River Site
SR-2019-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Waste Removal for Tank Closure Project Underway at Savannah River Site
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DOE Awards Contract for Administrative and Technical Support Services at Savannah River Site
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Savannah River Site Offers Public a Look Behind the Barricades
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First Responders Cast for Trophy Fish at SRS during Day of Honor
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SRS Completes First Transfer of Radioactive Waste to Mega Disposal Unit
SR-2018-18Adobe Acrobat PDF
2017 Environmental Report Shows SRS Environmentally Safe
SR-2018-17Adobe Acrobat PDF
Pre-Solicitation Conference Activities for SRS Management and Operating Contract Postponed
SR-2018-16Adobe Acrobat PDF
CSRA College Night Rescheduled for September 27
SR-2018-15Adobe Acrobat PDF
Date Change Notification: Pre-Solicitation Conference for SRS Management and Operating Contract
SR-2018-14Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Releases Draft RFP for Management and Operating Contract
SR-2018-13Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Continues Shipment of Transuranic Waste Out of State
SR-2018-12Adobe Acrobat PDF
Head of U.S. Strategic Command visits Savannah River Site
SR-2018-11Adobe Acrobat PDF
Excavation Begins on Second SRS Mega-Volume Waste Disposal Unit
SR-2018-10Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Liquid Waste Contractor Sets Record with Millions of Safe Work Hours
SR-2018-09Adobe Acrobat PDF
Groundwater Cleanup at SRS: Celebrating Ten Years of Success
SR-2018-08Adobe Acrobat PDF
Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Operations Restart After Outage Work
SR-2018-07Adobe Acrobat PDF
SRS Celebrates Ten Years of ARP/MCU Processing
SR-2018-06Adobe Acrobat PDF
DOE Awards the 2018 Project Management Excellence to SRS SDU 6 Project
SR-2018-05Adobe Acrobat PDF
New Manager Assumes Role at Savannah River Site
SR-2018-04Adobe Acrobat PDF
Energy Secretary Breaks Ground on SRS Mega-Volume Waste Disposal Unit
SR-2018-03Adobe Acrobat PDF
Phase One of SRS Ash Basin Cleanup Project Complete
SR-2018-02Adobe Acrobat PDF
New Melter at SRS Pours First Canisters of High-Level Waste
SR-2018-01Adobe Acrobat PDF
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